Inspiration is Everywhere


Artist Statement

I love texture, pattern and vibrant colour and often incorporate mixed media elements into my work. I’m fascinated by the human narrative and as I evolve as an artist I seek to bring more storytelling to my work. I like to believe that we are all part of an intricate and breathtaking tapestry.  I create online art classes and in person creative experiences to help YOU express your shiniest creative potential.

My work has evolved from fashion and textiles to include illustration, printed and mixed media work for exhibition. I have always been drawn to natural fabrics and materials, which I include in my work. Collaborating and facilitating with other artists and working with community groups over the past 10 years has also enriched my work practices. Keeping a sketchbook with my ideas to develop has stood with me since my NCAD days, right through from running my fashion label to present day. The process evolves through sketches, photography and found objects which act as an aide memoire later when working on a new piece.

I have been teaching art, fashion design and sewing for the past 10 years. Working with community based groups and other artists have influenced the way I work and new processes have fed into my work. I create courses in art, design and sewing

Creating art and design is fundamental to who I am.

Creative experiences for adults and children where they can tap into their creativity in a relaxed artistic environment.

Through the process of sketching, painting and photography I connect with nature and the environment that inspires me. I am driven to find the nexus between art and nature.

I believe that every individual has a reservoir of creativity inside them that needs to be nurtured and encouraged from an early age. If a person doesn’t draw water frequently from the well of their imagination, the path to the well can grow faint, so when they come back to look for it later in life, they may have trouble finding it.


How I Work

Art is part of everyday life. It has to be. Like everyone else, artists don’t have time to sit around waiting to be inspired. It’s usually when you are busiest and at the most inconvenient time that inspiration will strike. The trick is to keep the moment and the emotion in your mind’s eye until you can sit down and put some form to it. Most of the time I work at the kitchen table or on the bench in the back garden beside the herb bed. I work upstairs in my attic studio sometimes when the house is busy but the light is better in the kitchen and in the garden and I prefer it there.