“HARMONY” Watercolour and Silkscreen

International Women’s Day 2024


Irish Art Caoimhe'ODwyer

Harmony – International Women’s Day 202

‘Harmony’ watercolour and silkscreen represents the beauty, love and honour of the peony, strengthened by the durability and flexibility of the bamboo.

 In a world where there is so much uncertainty, creating a painting to send to women around the world with whom I have connected, is a beautiful thing. Harmony in our lives, career, community and in society is something we search for in our busy lives. The theme this year ‘Inspire Inclusion’ to promote women’s and girls’ rights across all aspects of life. In many cultures flowers are given to women on IWD. When I lived and studied in Rome, Italy in the early 2000’s I discovered the tradition of presenting mimosa to women for La Festa della Donna. 

This year I used some of the time while I was Artist in Residence at Creative Spark to create a new piece. I started with watercolour peonies. I return to peonies in my work often as I love not only their beauty but what they represent in eastern culture. The peony blossom is symbolic of love, honour, romance and wealth. The beauty of the peony flower is found in the delicate petals and dramatic blooms. Pale pink peonies are associated with hope, prosperity and romance. When that was completed I created a silk screen of bamboo, which grow along the Glyde river where we live in Castlebellingham. Bamboo represents strength, flexibility and growth. It is a symbol of longevity because of it’s durability, strength, flexibility and resilience. Bamboo bends and sways in the wind, it moves with the elements. I then printed the bamboos over the peonies to create my art piece ‘Harmony’. Pairing these two mediums together references how they can work together and sit together in harmony to create a thing of beauty. 

My painting & print ‘Harmony’ represents the beauty, love and honour of the peony strengthened by the durability and flexibility of the Bamboo.


On 27th February I hosted an IWD art workshop, where I invited participants to create their own postcards to send to inspiring women in their lives. 

“We’re going to make and send postcards to some amazing women who inspire us, and we’re going to do it with a beautiful, loose watercolour art piece inspired by the themes of renewal, spring and rebirth.

 Together, we’ll spread the message of empowerment and inspire others to celebrate the amazing women in their lives.”

Art postcards Caoimhe O'Dwyer